Compact Height System

Compact Height System

Our compact bed system is perfect for every truck owner because it solves all their problems in one simple package. Whether you have all your gear stuffed into your back seat or its all rolling around in the bed of your truck you can now organize everything and stow it away into a safe a secure system. Along with that it will also save you so much time looking for things through the big mess that you may have. Now almost everything you have in your truck will have its own place and you can organize it the way that works the best for you.



For contractors that have bid jobs you guys know that time is money and having someone try to dig through the truck to find what they are looking for is costing you money and hurting your bottom line. With this system not only is it saving you time for not having people search through the truck to find what they are looking for, but it also is helping them to not get hurt from having to climb up and down out of the truck bed to get the things that have slid all the way to the front. Which in the end is also saving you time and money.

Now with the system in the back of your truck you can also place many things on top of it and still access everything in the drawers because the system has a 2000+ weight capacity so it’ll hold job about everything that you would normally put in the back of your truck.

Along with saving you time and money everything rolling around in the back of your truck is also a problem because it can get broken or damaged from bouncing around back there. not only that but they can degrade quickly just form the element along beating rain or snow getting on everything all the time. but don’t worry because our system has been designed to handle the elements and abuse that comes with being outside and subject to hard use.

with that all said the benefits of having a storage system like ours are great and can do a lot of good for you and help you out in many ways.

Each system is centered around a fully enclosed and secure outer box, containing full length drawers that can be fully drawn to give you immediate 100% access to your gear. In addition to the drawers, each system comes with hinged side panels allowing full access to all four corners around the wheel wells. Due to our unique “no moving parts” slide system, you get a generous 5 ½” interior height in our drawers while maintaining a low overall system height of 8”. This means there is still ample room on top to fit items such as suitcases, duffle bags, camping equipment, etc., under most tonneau covers, allowing the truck owner to effectively utilize virtually the entire capacity of your vehicle.

Upon purchase of a system, it will either be sent to the installer the is closest to you or will be sent right to your home address. it will come with everything you will need to install it and shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes for installation and will have a easy to read installation manual along with it.

What you will get with this:

1x Main system, 2x Side wings, 4x Wing hinges, 2x front caps and all the necessary hardware

Specs; Width: 48 inches, Height: 8 inches, Length: depends on bed size and range from 58-94 inches

Drawer capacity:  Each drawer can hold up to 200 pounds with 5.2-7.8 cubic feet of storage space per drawer.

Weight: 180-220 pounds depending on system size

Weight 180-210 lbs
Dimensions 65-96 × 48-72 × 10 in
Bed Size

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Truck Year

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Vehicle make

Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Gmc, Toyota


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Compact Height System

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