Most frequent questions and answers

Total Axxess truck bed systems are made in different sizes to fit in virtually any pickup truck on the market today. If you dont see your truck in the catalog send us a message or call us and we will make sure to get you a systems specifically for your truck!

We have designed our systems so that if you have your tailgate up you will never have to worry about getting any water in your drawers. Even if it is raining very hard or you go through the best car washes out there.

Yes of course we do! We have made many customers come to us with specific design or plan of what they want. We have made Custom Systems for not only pickup trucks but also; Vans, SUV’S, trailers, Police cars, and many more. Here at Total Axxess we pride our selves in being somewhere that can help people as much as we can and do whatever we have to do that.

Fleets are never a problem! We can make custom plans and pricing structures for fleets of any size. For questions on fleets please send an email to Calen@total-axxess.com or call at 920-315-0595

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